Best budget rifle scope under $100 (Year 2018)

Riflescopes come in different styles and more importantly with different budgets. There’s a rifle scope for everyone no matter what your budget is. Whether you are looking for the best budget rifle scope under $100 or you are more interested in premium offers which cost maybe under $1000 or above depending on how fat your wallet is and just how much you are willing to splash on your next optics.

We know the importance of having your money’s worth of your rifle scope, and this is why we have opted to share with you a helpful buying guide for purchasing the perfect budget rifle scope under 100 bucks so that you won’t be breaking your bank. This article would cover in-depth detailing on what you should expect from a good rifle scope even with a small budget; we’ll also point out some of the best scopes you can purchase.







Simmons 511039 3-9x32mm



CVLIFE Tactical 3-9×40



UTG 4-16X44 30mm with 36 Color Mil-Dot



Aipa AR15 Tactical Rifle Scope w/ Red Green Dot Sight 4-12x50EG


What kind of budget rifle scope can I get for under $100?

First, you should know that there are about three types of rifle scopes. The variable scopes which are the most common types available get the green light for being magnification specialists, so if you need to magnify your view to get a clean shot on a target, then these scopes come in handy as they offer easy adjustments of the magnification to get you a clean look at the target.

Most sniper rifles make use of variable scopes due to the distance needed for shots, unlike hunting rifles. There are the fixed scopes too, and these, unlike the variable scopes, are best for experienced users with knowledge of the type of activity you plan on partaking in, and they work with a specific type of firearms.

One significant difference is the absence of an adjuster for the magnification, unlike the variable scopes. Finally, they’re the night vision scopes. These scopes are specialty scopes which can be used for night hunting or shooting and in environments where there’s a little light to see your target. Interestingly, these scopes can also be combined with either a fixed scope or a variable scope, so depending on the distance you plan shooting for, you can choose your perfect combo.

Now for the question, with a budget of fewer than 100 bucks, you can snag any of the three types of scopes, BUT you won’t be getting premium features especially if you decide to opt for a night vision riflescope, as these rifle scopes come bulky and pretty expensive too.

Can I find a good budget rifle scope under $100?

One question people always ask is if it’s possible to get a good, functional rifle scope for than 100 bucks. This is a sufficient question considering that there are many rifle scopes which cost about ten times this price and are usually regarded as the top of the crop of rifle scopes, but then you should remember that each year technology improves and there are cheaper ways of manufacturing great products.

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So yes, you can find quality rifle scopes which are affordable and have some of the perks you’ll find in high powered optics like multi-coated lenses which allow great light transmission, adjustable objective lenses, superb magnification (some as high as 20x magnification) and other features.

How can I avoid buying a riflescope with cheap glass?

If you have a steep budget, say less than $100 for a rifle scope, then it’s best you avoid buying scopes which promise high magnification at a dirt cheap price (typically less than 100 bucks). These scopes are made of cheap glass which would produce hazy, blurry, and warped images. You’ll hate yourself for wasting your money if you opt for such glasses with remarkably large magnification and ironically small prices.

It’s always recommended to consider quality scopes which have low magnification in its stead. The low magnification coupled with the powerful glass will do you good and is always a better alternative. You should know that a great glass is what makes a great scope and riflescope prices get higher with the quality of the glass.

How do I know what scope to buy with my $100 budget?

Before you buy any scope, it’s important to know what you would be using the riflescope for. The purpose of buying a riflescope is to aid your shooting, but different activities require different scopes. While most scopes look alike outwardly (with lenses and metal tubes adjoining several parts), they are very different on the inside.

There are many classes of scopes including hunting scopes, target scopes, and shooting or tactical scopes. If you would be hunting with your new toy, then the hunting scopes are usually well suited. So knowing your activity is the first step to buying the right scope.

With a budget of under $100, you don’t want to be deceived by the numerous “multi-tasking” scopes on the market. Almost all scopes on the market except for a select few are built for one particular shooting activity so finding out what that activity is and if it tallies with what you want to do with the scope is the way to go.

Now that you have a good grasp of selecting the right budget riflescope under $100 you can check out some of our favorite rifle scopes which are under the $100 mark.

Products Reviews

1. Aipa AR15 Tactical Rifle Scope w/ Red Green Dot Sight 4-12x50EG

This Aipa AR15 tactical riflescope has a magnification range of 4X to 12X making it a good hunting piece perfect for hunting within a few hundred yards. The 50mm objective diameter of the riflescope also assists shooters with getting a quick and vivid look at targets moving and within range.

This riflescope uses a holographic red, and green dot sight that isn’t manually (hand) screwed but uses electronic making it a clearer and easier dot sight than other manually screwed dot sights. It’s an excellent choice for use during hunting targets on the move.

The AR15 tactical riflescope has an independent switch with a detachable sight. There’s room for installing other accessories like a flashlight on the side rails.

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Features Roundup

  • Has a detachable sight
  • Filled with dry Nitrogen making it waterproof, fog-proof and shockproof
  • Delivers a wide field of view with 3mm reflex lens and the multi-optical coated sight
  • Uses electronic/holographic red and green dot sight
  • Has a magnification range of 4-12x with 1x magnification
  • It weighs about 1.65pounds

Overall, the Aipa AR15 riflescope delivers high-resolution imagery, wide field of view and eye relief for the shooter at a reasonable budget price when compared with other top scopes, making it a highly functional riflescope and our best budget rifle scope.

2. UTG 4-16X44 30mm with 36 Color Mil-Dot Riflescope

The UTG 4-16 Riflescope is a one pound shockproof, waterproof and fog-proof nitrogen filled scope sitting on a 30mm tube which uses emerald lens coating to get the best light transmission resulting in ultra-clear imagery at long range.

The riflescope has a magnification range of 4X to 16X and a power selector ring for precise zooming and target acquisition. It features EZ-TAP Illumination Enhancing System with green and red colors in dual mode while there are 36 colors available during multi-color mode, perfect for all light and weather conditions.

It features a mil-dot range reticle with a built-in sunshade allowing the shooter get precise aiming for a more on-target shot. Built with advanced features and patented technologies, this UTG 4-16×44 36 color mil-dot riflescope ensures you get maximum performance when you need it.

This UTG 36 color mil-dot riflescope has premium target turrets (zero lockable and zero resettable) that help you get accurate click adjustments consistently.

Features Roundup

  • It offers quick acquisition of targets
  • Emerald lens coating to get great light transmission
  • Fog-proof, rain/waterproof and shockproof
  • It has protective lens cap
  • Great magnification range of 4X to 16X
  • Has several color options (36) perfect for different backgrounds and environments
  • Can be used in different light and weather conditions

Overall, the UTG 4-16X44 30mm Riflescope is a great all weather optic which can be used on different occasions. The features make it a good optic for hunters as well as tactical shooters. It has a great target acquisition system and a good magnification range (4X to 16X zoom) which would see you bagging a kill at several hundred yards away from the target. With a price tag of just about 100usd, this is worth checking out if you are on a tight budget but looking for a great budget rifle scope you can snag.

3. CVLIFE Tactical 3-9×40 Rifle Scope

This CVLIFE tactical rifle scope offers everything you need in a less than 100 bucks riflescope. From great, clear optics to a decent magnification range of 3X to 9X and even holding down zero like a boss.

This scope is built to last, as it’s made of aircraft aluminum alloy which is sturdy. It also features a fully multicoated glass that sees over 90% light transmission allowing greater visibility while targeting.

The CVLIFE tactical 3-9 riflescope has a special inner and outer structure which controls the action taking place within the inner and outer tubes. This bridge interaction helps the scope achieve its aim for users which is flexibility and comfort.

The CVLIFE has a smart design which makes it shockproof and allows users to adjust the elevation and windage quickly.

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This optic is built on a 1-inch machined-aluminum tube that’s super strong. This rifle scope is sealed and filled to 100% with nitrogen making it both rainproof and fog-proof, perfect for all weather conditions.

Interestingly, with its dirt cheap pricing, this CVLIFE riflescope comes with free mounts.

Features Roundup

  • Have its exterior lenses coated with scratch resistant materials to keep dirt, scratch, and oil off the surface
  • Rain, fog and shock proof.
  • Multicoated glass which provides up to 90% light transmission
  • Magnification (zoom) range of 3X to 9X
  • Comes with free mounts
  • Weighs 0.76 pounds
  • Very affordable

Overall this CVLIFE tactical reticle riflescope is one of the most affordable riflescopes on the market for new shooters. It has a good magnification range for starters looking to take on target within 20 to 100 feet.

4. Simmons 511039 3-9x32mm Riflescope

Don’t get it twisted, a sub-100 bucks riflescope can deliver top-notch performance, even though it might not rival your premium 1000-2000 dollar optics, some of this riflescopes are underdogs. A typical example is this Simmons 511039 riflescope which packs an impressive list of features on a sleek, yet rugged looking build.

This Simmions riflescope utilizes the patented ‘true zero adjustment system’ and quick target acquisition (QTA) eyepiece that lets you view moving targets and keep a tab on them without straining the eyes.

The Simmons 511039 riflescope delivers superb hunting performance for serious hunters looking to bag a kill. It’s a reliable scope with fully coated optics and high-quality glass rarely found on low budget scopes.

It uses hydroshield lens coating to keep the lens vivid and the display sharp no matter the condition of the weather (whether rain or snow, the hydroshield makes the scope fog-proof and waterproof).

This Simmons Riflescope delivers 3X to 9X magnification which is ideal for targets within range. Although the eye relief tends to lower as the magnification reaches 9X, therefore making shooting targets at over 50 feet a bit of an inconvenience.

The scope has sure grip rubber surfaces which make adjustments quite easy no matter the conditions.

Features Roundup

  • The Simmons .22 MAG riflescope is quite sturdy
  • It uses fully-coated optical glasses made of
  • It has a “hydroshield” lens coating that keeps the lens fog-free no matter the weather condition, thus allows getting crisp, clear picture of a target
  • It comes with free mounts
  • Its sure-grip rubber surface allows easy adjustments no matter the condition
  • Has magnification range of 3X to 9X
  • It weighs about 0.6 pounds

Overall, at below 100 bucks, Simmons .22 MAG riflescope offers value and is a decent optic for beginner shooters.

Final Thoughts

If you have a steep budget but looking for a good riflescope capable of satisfying all hunting or shooting needs, then this list is a good start. We have carefully reviewed some of the best budget rifle scopes under $100. These riflescopes are not premium quality but offer good bang for the bucks and with several thousands of satisfied users the world over, you can’t possibly go wrong with these riflescopes.